Love Moschino
Love Moschino

Young and Chic!

Founded in 1983 by fashion designer Franco Moschino, since the beginning this fashion house stood out for its unconventional nature and its dynamic spirit.

A versatile essence that led the brand to show its multiple aspects through numerous brands:
• Moschino Couture! (since 1983);
• Moschino Jeans (from 1986 to 2009);
• Moschino Cheap and Chic (since 1988);
• Nature Friendly Garment by Moschino (since 1994);
• Friends Men Moschino (since 2005);
• Moschino Funny (since 2006);
• Love Moschino (since 2009).

The youngest of all is Love Moschino, a playful and irreverent brand that will continue to conquer the world thanks to the leadership of Jeremy Scott, the new creative director of the brand.

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