Missoni Women’s Accessories

Missoni is among the most known and loved fashion and design brands in the world.

The Missoni style was created from the union of a couple. In 1953, Ottavio and Rosita decide to start a knitwear factory and in the sixties their company becomes a vanguard of the Italian fashion.

Missoni becomes a family activity and their sons Vittorio, Luca and their daughter Angela feel involved and co-authors of the project, assuming roles of responsibility and adding their personal contribution to the brand.

With a unique and refined style, the Missoni products are characterized by the motives and techniques used such as zigzag patterns, waves, lines and geometric and floral jacquard patchwork.

The soul of the brand is well-represented by women’s accessories, which perfectly reflect the colorful and unique collections mood: scarves, stoles, belts and bands are characterized by an explosion of geometric patterns and colors.

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